Why I’ve Been Using Punctuation Emojis

It's been a while since I've written a blog post, and I can thank blame exams for that. In all honesty, I wrote my last exam two weeks ago, but since then I've been catching up on everything I missed (partying, socializing, work - you can tell that my priorities are obviously in order from the … Continue reading Why I’ve Been Using Punctuation Emojis


My HPV Vaccine Story

After reading an article on IOL that described a 10-year old who is suffering from a severe brain illness after receiving the HPV Vaccine Cervarix, I felt compelled to share my own story. Although it is nowhere near as serious as the after effects of the child in the article, it is still worth noting. Firstly, what … Continue reading My HPV Vaccine Story

Online Shopping, I Love You

The internet gives us access to so many incredible things. One of these is the wonderful world of online shopping. At this point, everyone who uses the internet (properly – sorry Grandparents) has surely tried it at least once. However, I’m convinced that most of us visit online shopping platforms on the regular, be it … Continue reading Online Shopping, I Love You