Online Shopping, I Love You

The internet gives us access to so many incredible things. One of these is the wonderful world of online shopping.

At this point, everyone who uses the internet (properly – sorry Grandparents) has surely tried it at least once. However, I’m convinced that most of us visit online shopping platforms on the regular, be it to spend some cash or just to virtually window-shop… Yes that counts. Yes that is a thing.


My personal favourite part of online shopping is NOT HAVING TO GO ANYWHERE. I hate malls with a passion and only enter one when I need to… which, thanks to most shops going online and larger platforms such as Superbalist and Spree, I very rarely have to do.

Online shopping has no people, no queues, and no wasting hours of your life walking from shop to shop to view the different types of items on offer.

And NO paying for parking! This one gets to me because I once spent R50 on parking at Mall of Africa. That could have bought me five special sandwiches at Kara Nichas on campus. If you know what I’m talking about, you’ve tasted heaven before. If you’re unsure of what this “special sandwich” I speak of is… I’m so sorry that you’ve been deprived of the goodness 😦

Wow. I just complained about paying for parking and compared it to buying cheap but tasty food. I blame that on the wonderful combination of being an Indian and a student at the same time. #Stereotypes.

There are so many more reasons to love shopping online but also reasons to dislike it. I’ve summarized a few of my favourites below:


  1. Online shops are open 24-hours. Sometimes I can’t sleep and casually browse TakeALot for Spurs-related merchandise. At 2AM. Normal.
  2. A variety of items all on one platform. I can buy furniture, a charging cable, socks, a handbag and jeans all from one store? YES PLEASE.
  3. Home delivery. And most of the time it’s free. Thank you universe.
  4. It becomes a lot easier to compare the prices of items sold on multiple platforms, especially branded goods.
  5. You’ll never face the problem of wanting to return a good but finding out you’ve lost the receipt.
  6. Searching for items immediately. Beats walking around looking for black fishnet stockings and realizing it isn’t as common as you thought. Been there. Hated that.
  7. Less time-consuming than actual store-visits. Because time is our most precious resource!

But like all good things in life, there are downsides.


  1. You can’t exactly go to a fitting room, so you’re left purchasing items in the hope they’ll look good on you.
  2. Delivery is never immediate. You either wait a few days or pay more for quicker delivery.
  3. Scams exist. We’ve all seen those posts of what it looked like on the online shop and what it looks like in reality. It’s funny until it happens to you.
  4. Delivery charges. On some sites they’re always applicable (e.g. NetFlorist). Other times… it just isn’t worth it.
  5. The delivery man. He always gets to my house thirty minutes after I’ve left. Why don’t they ever read the little notes where we specify which times suit us? I’ll never know.

Despite these few negative aspects, the positives definitely reign supreme in my life. Online shopping is a blessing and a gift and I prefer it to regular shopping. Do you?

As a thank you for reading my first blog postHere’s two discount codes you can use.

  • Superbalist – R300 off your “first” purchase, with cart value R800 or more. (If you’ve used Superbalist before, just make another account using a different email address and use the code on your “first” purchase). Use the code 300FUNDED. {Valid until the 7th of April 2017}
  • UberEATS – Get R50 off your first two orders. Use the code CTEATS28.

3 thoughts on “Online Shopping, I Love You

  1. ME says:

    You are a mini me!!! I looooove online shopping and browsing, all in the luxury of your own home. Eliminates having to get out of bed, get dressed, survive the drive to and from the mall and dealing with the crazy people out there! Just too exhausting …. not much energy left to enjoy the shopping experience!!! Great blog…. eagerly anticipating your next post 👀


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